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About Us

Ethos Creatives is moulded from a passionate team and run on the beating heart of delivering cutting edge solutions to our clients. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to understand our clients and breathe life into their ideas, blending them with our own creativity to drive results. We pledge to deliver one of a kind websites and designs which would catch attention and serve as a successful marketing tool to your business. Other than a few rather expensive techy toys, our only real asset is our people. We are an eclectic bunch with many talents, passions and opinions, brought together by our mission of making better things.


We’ve got a proven process to quench our insatiable curiosity.When we receive a specification, we break it down into a plan, often asking you detailed questions about your product and when we are happy the shape of plan – We then define the core elements to develop an individual and unique visual language. When we are aware of the scope of the project and the plan we will go about it we provide you with a rough plan of what needs to be done, estimate of time and the budget that it will cost to craft and deliver. Mock-ups are a next milestone in bringing your application to life. Mock–ups are less intricate than designs, so they are more convenient to debate and agree on preferable look before we go into more detailed, polished designs. The intensive involvement of the customer in our workflows ensures a lasting view and increases the quality of the results. We try and work with you in bringing your ideas to life rather than just work for you, s we are very understanding and willing to cooperate to make sure we exceed your expectations.


We believe in offering our clients more value than what they pay for. Our work will not only embrace and showcase their values through visuals but will also please and convert…bringing more to their business than what they paid for. We don’t sell services, we sell numbers and an experience. We see design as a way to solve the problem and not just as a visual incentive. Good design opens up new perspectives for a company and creates numerous competitive advantages. As a passionate team with well-rounded individuals and unique skills, we speak design n many dialects. Our services are aimed at all types and sizes of companies who have the ambition and desire to visually highlight. Whether start-ups, large corporations or chain of companies we will find suitable cost effective solutions suited to your requirements.

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Our name says it all…we value your
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